About us

About Us


At Khana 99 we always serve fresh and healty food to our customers as this is the key to our business.

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Khana 99 is known for its famous dishes like Hyderabadi Dum Biryani & Lucknowi Biryani. Quality and cleanliness are priority for us.

We know the taste our customers need so we concentrate on taste with indian masala used as our main ingredient.

Our Goal

Our goal is

"Thinking one step, before the needs of our guest"

We are keen to achive our goal.

High Quality Food

Our Vision

"To serve happiness to our customers through delicious, quality meals"

Healthy food

We are very health conscious.

Fresh fruits

Our Custard Contains Fresh Fruits.

Drink diet

Chilled Soft Drinks Available.

Indian Masala

Indian spices in every bite.

Our Mission

At khana 99 our mission is

"To provide great home style foods in a welcoming environment , reasonable pricing and great service!"

Home made food is our strong point

Home Made Food